Things I didn't know about Oregon, until I moved there (from California) ...

Category Can't Can
Public Safety
  • Pump your own gas
  • Build a public skateboard park
  • Buy fireworks from Target (yes, inside the store)
  • Buy liquor from a grocery store
  • Sell meat from a pick-up truck
  • Make a U-turn (unless it explicitly says you can)
  • Honk (unless you can put up with the dirty looks)
  • Drive in the rain
  • Use public transportation to get to the airport
  • Use studded snow tires for half of the year
  • Ride a bicycle on the freeway
  • Look at items on the shelf for more than 2 seconds without being asked, "Can I help you find something?"
  • Go to the other Fry's, when this one is out of stock
  • Buy anything without paying sales tax
  • See a movie playing at "a theater near you"
  • Watch channel 2 on channel 2
  • See a concert while sitting in a chair
  • See a movie for less than $8 (matinee doesn't count)
  • See live animals at the zoo